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Mail will be picked up between 9:00 AM and 12 Noon (Central Time) Monday through Fridays (except on holidays).
You will receive a reply stating your mail has been received and given to Dr. Dave within 24 hours of it's receipt.
Due to the large number of consultations for Dr. Dave, his reply to your letter may take 2 - 3 WEEKS, or longer, from its receipt. However, Dr. Dave will reply to it just as soon as possible.

Free Consultation or General Questions, unfortunately, must be attended AFTER any EXPRESS Consultations and Consultations Within a Week, and as time permits.

No research is provided with the free service.

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The steps to submitting the Free Consultation are:

  • Start a Send Mail to Dr. Dave
  • Copy & Paste (into your e-mail) the following headings: NAME: AGE: BREED: SEX: MEDICAL, VACCINATION and PREVENTATIVE HISTORY: REASON FOR CONSULTATION:
  • Please provide the following information (each Heading on a separate line, please):
  • Our Patient's NAME
  • AGE (and please tell me years or months or weeks or days)
  • BREED (examples: German Shepard, Siamese, African Grey)
  • SEX (Male/Intact; Female/Intact; Male/Neutered; Female/Spayed; Unknown)
  • MEDICAL HISTORY ( All previous problems, treatments and outcomes. Also enter most current vaccinations and preventions (such as Brand of Heartworm Prevention, Advantage, etc.). Type in UNKNOWN, if Medical History is not known. )
  • REASON FOR CONSULTATION: ( Current problem (What YOU see), current diagnosis (What your VET sees) if any, test results, examination results, treatments and outcomes. The more you can tell me, the more accurate my consultation can be. )
  • Send your E-mail
  • I Need Help.....And I Need It FASTER!!

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