All Creatures VIRTUAL Veterinary Clinic

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All Creatures Mobile Veterinary Services
for Hancock County, Sneedville, TN (USA)

Call 733-1912 or 423-327-7962


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Read About Us in the Local Newspaper
Read About Us in the Local Newspaper

Member of Sneedville/Hancock Chamber & Community Partners, Inc.
Member of Sneedville⁄Hancock Chamber & Community Partners, Inc.

  Now doing Coggins Tests and Livestock Health Certificates.


Top Ten Reasons to Call Our MOBILE Service

10. Convenience, Quality, and Personalized care.

9. Less stress on your pet... and you.

8. Save time & $$$.... especially fuel driving out of the county.

7. Doesn't get any easier to take care of your pet..... we come to you!

6. No obnoxious, hard to remove pet hairs in your car.

5. No exposure to other SICK animals and animals with FLEAS.

4. No waiting in small exam room staring and staring, and staring, at the walls.

3. No urine, poop or vomit in the carrier... or the back seat of your car.

2. You always get to see the same doctor & staff that knows you & your pet... thus developing a personal and trusting relationship.

And the Number ONE reason to Call Our MOBILE Service is:

1. No more losing several hours out of the day having to drive out of the county for routine pet preventative care.

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